Bianca Hennessy

Hi, I’m Bianca. I’m based in Canberra, Australia, on land which belongs to the Ngunnawal people.

I’m currently researching for a PhD in Pacific Studies. My work is an experiment in reflexivity: I’m studying studiers, learning about learners, and engaging with engagement. The Pacific region hosts a vibrant community of scholars whose work attempts to re-centre indigenous epistemologies, dismantle colonial power structures, and celebrate the dazzling scope of knowledge that has sustained Oceanic communities for thousands of years. My PhD research – and, by extension, this blog – tracks their work, and locates it within a global conversation about the urgent need to decolonise how we practice academia in universities.

It’s not enough just to observe decolonised research: we need to put these lessons into action. As such, I’m trying to make my ethnographic and reflective research methods as collaborative as possible. This blog is a way for me to connect with the community that I’m researching. An online presence makes my learning journey visible and my work is thus a little more accountable. I’m having a critical conversation with an ever-shifting community, and invite comments and criticisms to shape this dialogue.

You can email me at and see my ANU researcher profileĀ here. I tweet atĀ @biancahenn.